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Change, by nature’s law,
is a movement
which demands action

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An identity without
aspirational goal
is just a wondering soul

 MY brains //

TwoGather founder Desh Ramnath is an energetic entrepreneurial person with a keen eye for people and people’s behavior. This keen eye and his fascination for science led up to the start of TwoGather. A company focused on strategic neuroeconomics, meaning with the knowledge of human behavior, the brain, and modern strategic knowhow, TwoGather has revolutionized the way companies should do business.


Yet the company is not Desh and vice versa, since Desh is a firm believer that everybody has super talents and limitations. So to become successful you need to build a team of people who have common grounds, common beliefs and strive for the same end game, but all have different skills, passions, and levels of education. Only then you can create a high-performance team in which you operate as equals, complete each other and spend as much time as possible to do that what you love to do.


Therefore the TwoGather team consists of passionate nutcases who believe emotions make the world go round. They all have their super talents like neuropsychology, neuromarketing, behavior monitoring, mass behavior planning, marketing, business development, design thinking, business model innovation, and business strategy.


Besides the specialists, we work closely together with third parties who are willing to create a win win win win situation and complete us in the sense of knowhow we do not have. The aim is to bring partners together which makes the consortia unique and therefore commercially viable together servicing our clients as if it was your own guest in your home.

TwoGather is always looking for more brains, more talent, to complete the team. By joining those talents, passions and ambitions in a happy space with a common goal, TwoGather creates a home for employees and customers alike.

It is our way of thinking that makes te difference.



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