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Change, by nature’s law,
is a movement
which demands action

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An identity without
aspirational goal
is just a wondering soul

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TwoGather is a team of people who believe in moving people emotionally. Throughout the last decades lots of tools and methods are developed for enhancing the chance for business success, but one large anTd probably the most important factor has been forgotten…….. humanity. Humanity in the bigger sense means “how you deal with people”, being human and respecting others as humans, but specially the fact that everything is driven by or eventually focused on humans. So B2B, B2C, C2C, B2B2C, NGO, and every other business abbreviation is eventually focused on or has to do with humans. For example the seller and the buyer are always human beings and they make a choice.


So in the end it is about humans and human to human interaction.Humans are driven by emotions and in the end all choices made by humans are 100% emotional when there are many choices ……. e.g sellers, providers, products, employees, methods, tools, etc. (there is always more than one who delivers what you rationally and functionally need against the price you are prepared to pay). In the past there were less competitors and the world was bigger, so you had less choice. In those days conventional methods, following trends, rational choices and functional decisions were enough to succeed and the human essence did not play a big role. But now they do as they have always done, but now is the bottle neck all companies face.TwoGather consists of neuro-business specialists like neuromarketeers, neurostrategists, neurocommunication specialists and scientists. But as the name suggests, we do not have a team of scientists only, but have great creative team members in the field of live communications, marketing, strategy, business development, networking and sales as well. TwoGather brings conventional methods, tools and science together in a new balance which will help your company get a head start in regards to marketing, sales, HRM, strategy, business organisation and business development.


The Company was started by Desh Ramnath who combined his knowledge as a biomedical scientist, developmental biologist (genetics) and business degree together to form his own company TwoGather. Desh Ramnath is person who has followed his heart and was always willing to learn. Always seeking for new intelligence, new methods, new business possibility, expanding his network, talking to people from different disciplines, bringing people together who had seemingly nothing to do with each other with one focus…… creating something new.

As a person he combined the Eastern way of living, the south american happiness and the Dutch straight forward business principles in his life and personal life. As a person from Indian origin, born in the Netherlands, he married a lovely genuine Dutch girl he met in University. He combined two different studies in to one, combines business with politics and brings people together.


Desh Ramnath is specially fond of people, how people work, think, and interact, how people do business, how people change and why people do what they do. Desh believes these things are key for personal and business success and not the rational things. Of course they are needed, skills are needed, competences are needed, benchmarking gives focus, rational behaviour gives direction, trends show what might be happening, successful business tools do work, but in the end and mostly at the start it is the human emotion that decides how things develop. An employee with ten competences sounds great, but competences are only effective when an employee actually uses them for 150%. And this only happens when an employee is passionate, likes the company, likes his colleagues, feels appreciated, feels one with the identity and goals of the company. Emotions decide if the rational skills are “loaded”. It is the same for sales, people in the end buy something from a company or somebody they trust, have a good gut feeling about, a well known and thus trustworthy brand, with somebody who they have a click with.


Desh Ramnath and the whole TwoGather team loves to combine the knowledge about brains, emotions, making choices, inspiring people, gut instinct and intuition with strategy and conventional methods. In short we want to load your business gun with the right emotional bullets, because an empty gun won’t cut it. Although currently the metaphor of a rechargeable battery is maybe a more suitable one. TwoGather will make sure the company battery is loaded so the people in and outside the company can actually use the battery within themselves or within the system.


We believe in moving people emotionally




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