15 mrt Change Management: Your brain is the bottle neck

By nature’s law, change is a movement which demands action

It has been a while since I wrote something on Linkedin or anywhere else for that matter. The reason is actually quite simple, it was time for action! Our brain is primed on survival and keeping things simple. Our brain, specially the old bossy part, is pretty happy with status quo and makes it pretty hard for us to change, and yet change is what we need. How to fool our bossy old fart of a brain?

First of all, I am not claiming I know how your psyche or soul works, I do not claim I know the destiny of each and every one of you. Actually quite the opposite, I do believe everybody is unique, has their own passion, will, focus, believes in live, but still there are some clear systems and rules in place. Let’s compare it with math. There are just 10 numbers, yet a thousand equations, possibilities, chances, etc, etc…… but then again they are all bound by rules. Same as physics for example. So I am just stating that despite the differences we somehow are bound by rules and systems as well as a human being, although the narcissistic species we are  we do want to believe our rational logical brain rules the world and our soul/psyche is something so special that it is unbound and undefined. Well I think that is overestimating our selves, since we are a product of nature, evolution and thus not so special. As I am not so special I always tend to think I am going from 1.0 to 1.1 in stead of stating I am the new 2.0 thinker in any field ….. on step at a time. 

Well having cleared that up, I just wanted to give you a heads up and tell you something I found out the hard way or was just lucky finding out anyways. The thing is even though time does not really exists, it is a mere fact that we as a human species tend to sleep, eat, work, get sick and die. That proces does not leave a lot of room for hanging around in regards to reaching our goals set in live, our focus. The mere fact we all live in the same system, others tend to steal your ideas and reach your goal whereas you just sit around wondering why he or she achieved that what you actually wanted but did not. The thing is ….. the lack of action prevents us of reaching our goal. 

1) By nature’s law, change is a movement that demands action

  • Changing your behaviour and attitude 
  • Change of direction is needed to reach your destination
  • Change is not something you keep thinking about, change is something you DO!

2) The best way to test your theory is to put it in practice 

  • A theory seizes to be a theory when it is proven in real life 
  • Adapting your hypothesis for the best depends on the failure of the former

3) Failure is over underestimated  

  • Failure is a term which has become one with shame….. but shame is not going to bring you succes, failure will
  • Failure will move you to better options and give you an insight of how not to do

4) Action is the power that brings you to your goal

  • Informing your self, testing your theory on paper, talking to thousands of people, waiting for new theoretical proof, day in and day out, will just keep you in the harbour and never towards you destination
  • Action will get you out of the water towards your destination
  • Failure will make sure you get to learn what the fastest way is
  • Succes on the road will make sure you become more passionate about the journey
  • Action will let the others now you have left the harbour and you are the captain

“But!…..” some of you might be started to shout….. “you just told us our brain, our primordial boss, the old master in our head who is running the whole survival show and has control over emotions, instinct, intuition, survival instinct, subconscious behaviour, etc, has difficulties with change, because change might lead to death…..” Yes I did, and that is why not everybody gets to be successful (which is something totally different then being happy, though), that is the reason why nog everybody becomes CEO, a top entrepreneur, a top sporter, an adventurer, not everybody goes to live their dream to live abroad, that is the reason why addictions are heard to get rid of and much more confronting stuff. But there is a method, actually something my good friend Paul Rulkens once told me, well actually something he heard from a famous sports coach in the US, that will give you a fighting chance to live your dreams, reach your goals, fail and get up to success, leave the harbour, get to see the world, or simply get a glimpse of what might be. 

Our brain, even our old brain, needs to learn and evolve. Whereas the new brain is quite enthusiastic to learn from a logic perspective, our old brain is always on the look, always on the guard as we would say in Dutch. And the secret password to get in is trust and respect. The first things our brain scans for actually, recently proven by some professor at Harvard University. But that was quite obvious before the research though. That is why we need the person, company, animals or even the road it self to have a clear constant identity, which time after time, after every encounter or inspection has to be the same.  We have to come in contact several times and if possible in different situations, but reaching the same trustworthy outcome. So even though our new brain tells us that a person is good to be with, a person has a great network, a person might be your ticket to success, a persoon might be your first mate on your boat to your destination, your old brain always wants to make sure that person or company is trustworthy. And give your brain the time to evaluate, but do try actively to get your old brain to have those contact moments. So reach out to people, companies, etc. 


You might be thinking where is he going with this and we have heard this before. Well the thing is, change is a movement which demands action. But our old brain loves status quo and thus hates changes, but to be successful we need to bring our old brain to change. And the thing is, take it step by step. By the metaphor of friends and people, I wanted to show you that oud old brain is able to go along with our new brain if we just take action, but in small steps, but continuous steps. Let our old brains experience the fact that we are not dying one small step at a time. And here comes the math and your simple rule to get to change, is take action in small steps……. 1% a day. 1% a day is something your old brain can cope with, just small steps, trusting it’s new brain a little bit, getting out of the harbour. Eventually when our old brain trust the new situation and change, you will be able to roam the seas…..

“1% at a time you say” I hear some of you think as well as a lot of friends and customers I have, or customers whom I have seen reacting on Paul mentioning this. Well people …. change 1% a day for the better, which will make you twice as good in seventy days. So 1% a day will make you twice as good in seventy days. Keeping informing yourself will never gain trust in your old brain, thus you will never reach it. And even though you fail a long the way, you will now where to change to…. but still 1% a day will make you twice as good in seventy days  *yes just 2,15 months).

So …… by nature’s law, change is a movement that demands action.

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