16 mrt Following trends will be the end of your business

Trends are mere tools, but not the key to success

The secret for business success never lies with trends, following trends or even maybe creating trends. Trends are mere tools to be used, but they have never or will never lead op to real sales and client loyalty. Trends are just a way to find out what functionalities, colours, sounds, gadgets, innovations, etc people want nowadays, the sheep they are. Nevertheless people eventually need to trust your company and have a sense of respect additional to added value and service. So it is your identity and uniqueness that might do the trick….. if you remain true to it!

I see companies, people and foundations going mad about trends and marketing figures. Within seconds they abandon their strategy and long term focus to make sure they end up second in the race….. yes you are reading it correctly .. second! Because there are two issues, at least, at hand here:

  1. A trend suggests somebody else was first, because if not, there would not be a trend……. so you will never end up first. The best you can do is end up second.
  2. The second reason you will net end up first is, because your company has lost all perspective and focus which renders your company out of control. And you will put all your effort in something you are not.

Well, the nice thing of a trend is, is that it never goes by the credo “one size fits all”. No a trend is a range of things befitting the trend, making sure that the trend has something for everybody, while giving all the people the idea that this trend is just for them. The truth is that this will never be the case, since as the word trend suggests, it is used by everybody in the world regardless of size, color, income, etc. So people there is no reason to go mad over trends, but people are how we are.

This is exactly the point companies should realise as well. You can still be who you are, develop things according to the trend, but in the end people will go to your company because besides the fact you offer something within the scope of the trend, you are the one they trust to deliver that part of the trend which suits them since your company is still who it always said to be in every word, picture, clothing, paint in the company.

So be sure to find out what the trend is, where it is going, what scope it has, what wave length it has and make sure to tweak your product for it. The thing is people will always by with those whom they trust, or always will go to friends, as long as they have what they are looking for. So some might plee for a combined effort. True but that is only and always just on the short term, since trends do not do long term. Your identity and uniqueness, your trustworthiness, your image, your personality and your charm will, if always authentic and consequent, will go along for every and people will love and remember you for it.


Although the dress worn by this lovely lady might be the latest trend, it would probably  not really sell if you were a company actually producing nun clothing. Or even more so it would probably keep the religious people out of church and the nun believers for impure actions to the church. Just a metaphor to put it in perspective for you.

And as a foot note, the human capital in your company which actually do all the work and are the best ambassadors you can have, work for your company based on your identity and uniqueness, as they fit in and feel respected in this passionate surroundings. Trowing that away for blindly following trends as the solutions, will lead up to an ineffective and inefficient company where your employees do not feel at home anymore and will not be able to make optimal use of their skills you hired them for:

  1. Stop hiring and paying ridiculous amounts of money to trend watchers who actually almost always tell you things you already knew or heard, but just present it better in broader perspective.
  2. Stop paying thousands to find out what the trend is, rather create a trend your self
  3. Stop denying your own identity to follow the trend, but just shape the trend towards your identity and your trusted friends will follow.
  4. Always check if the trends fits your focus or focus groups. It would be unwise to follow a trend which does not apply to you, your business or your customer.
  5. Unless…… a specific trend in another field might be the innovation you are looking for in your field befitting your strategy, focus, identity and target audience. In this case you become a trend setter without being untrue to your nature.

Trends are just a tool to reach the holy grail, but never mistake the trend for the holy grail. 

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